Saturday, April 9, 2011

U.S. Soldiers at Half-pay!

Why isn't this on every news/media show and website in this country? Try and look for it and you will small stories and tidbits from various little heard from or seen outlets, but no one seems to want to make it a big story, and just why not? Simple; to do so might wake people up to reality.

We have our soldeirs out fighting for our government who are now receiving half-pay, while Democrat and Republican elected ass-hats try to grandstand one another. Young people who risk their lives daily are now on half-pay while elected officials in congress who actually work at their elected post maybe a few weeks out of a year, are still getting full pay. $160k plus a year last I checked, and it doesn't matter how much time they are at work.

Well to congress, the president, and every single person, or entity who is involved in this, let me say from my heart; screw you, you lowlife Pieces of excrement. And to everyone who supported endless bailouts, ever-increasing budgets, the healthcare bill, and every other bit of insanity we could not afford; greaty work idiots, now the bills came in and we can't pay them.

These last few months I have bombarded by every media outlet in the country crying about state bills limiting collective bargaining by civil servants, and every time i turn around there is a new teacher on TV throwing a fit over so-called union busting. Yet last I checked they are not at half-pay, nor are there lives at risk 24/7 in a hostile foreign country. After looking into my states SB-5 bill  they were attacking, it basically limits the things they can collective bargain for. Things like more than and 80/20 copay split on healthcare. Well F U you crybabies. Most people with even good insurance deal with 70/30 or even less, so excuse me if I am not totally sympathetic. How utterly shameful..

Just as a little bit of a reference, congress got paid $6 a day and only days they worked originally. Today they make $160k plus a year no matter how often they work. And the truly ridiculous part is they make more money outside their government pay. TV appearances, speaking engagements, you name it. This is truly unbeleivable, I have never been ashamed to be American, but this is as close to that point as I ever want to be.

God help us all, these are truly hard times ahead for all of us...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where is the budget deficit news?

Went and googled the news on the US budget deficit to see what was going on and had to really dig to find anything on it at all. In fact only found two relevent entries on google news search, one from bloomberg and another similar story ( with a distinctly Democrat favor) from The Chicago Tribune. Found news on everything else right away, but the fact we are going to have to shut down our government effectively if we can't get the budget deficit under control in a few weeks seems to be unimportant to the major media at the moment. It's much more important we here about the chaos in the Middle-East and the bombings, fighting, and things that don't make us looka at our own situation here at home. I even found out that Britney Spears has a large following in the gay community and Barry Bonds ex-mistress is airing their dirty laundry in his trial. Wow, I can see how the fact we are going into a budget deficit crisis large enough to close our government down soon could have been overlooked... Watch as the tail wags the dog.

Wake up people, this is mass distraction at its finest. Fact is they are going to cut benefits across the board, and they want you good and distracted when they do it. We are talking, social programs, social security, unemployment, disability, food stamps, you name it. The SB-5 bill in Ohio and similar bills in several states are preemptive state level measures to lighten the blow when the cuts trickle down to them from the Federal Government. This is going to get bad, really bad...

In my 42 years I have seen a few emergencies in our government but none of them compare to the potential of this one. We just cannot keep throwing money at our problems. We keep doing that and then we print more money, and more money printed means each dollar is worth less. Soon we will be considered too high a risk to loan money to by the international community and then its game over. This has been coming since the Federal Reserve was formed, fed along by the removal of the gold standard, and helped by every insane attempt to create something from nothing that followed it. From the savings and loans scandal to the Housing bubble, and even the great depression and every single bubble, bust, and recession all of it was a warning about this kind of nonsense and no one paid it the attention it deserved. Well here it is and we are still pretending its all going to work out and ignoring it.

The only thing that gives our currency value is our ability to pay. That means as our financial standing goes, so goes our dollar value. The Federal Reserve is a quasi-governmental organization. How much is governmental and how much is quasi? Well the part on the sign that says "Federal" is the governmental part and the rest is quasi. Thats not an exaggeration folks, its on the Fed's own site. They are a Bank with investors and the utter insanity of Congress and Woodrow WIlson who ratified the Federal Reserve Act, is nothing short of lunacy.

Please look into all of this on your own, and come to your own conclusions. I fear we are being led to utter financial despair and a greater gap between the haves and have-nots since the dark ages.